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Stockport Referees Society

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Cheshire Referees Association 

Quiz Champions six years running

We meet during the football season, August to May inclusive.

We are members of The Referees' Association of England & affiliated to Stockport & District and Cheshire County Football Associations.

We operate as a not-for-profit membership organisation for football referees in which all operating surpluses are retained for the further development of the Society.

We provide an environment for companionship and personal refereeing development working in partnership with other members of the football family.

Members aged 14 to 80

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A great opportunity to sponsor one of the leading referees societies in England.

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One of the largest refereeing society in England

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Your help is required from a Masters student and waning to find reearch on "Behind the Whistle: A detailed investigation into the role that identity, self and work play in a sport official’s mental health and wellbeing".

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Weekly fitness training for Referees
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free membership to all new referees for the first season

Affiliated member of the National Referees Association of England
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SRS meet on the second Thursday of the month @ Stockport County FC

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