What are the factors in refereeing that can cause problems and conflicts within a match. Ray Olivier attended in March and as a group discussed these issues and looked at ways to resolve them. Tips and advice can be found on the link above!

Past Meetings

The first meeting kicked off in August where Stockport Referees discussed the new law changes and had a picture quiz. 

The April meeting was an Interactive Training Session, delivered by Trevor Massey using questions and clips from the Laws of the Game.

The October meeting saw Manchesester FA Referee Tutor Brian Rielly produce a very interactive session to the Stockport Members about procedures that may occur during a matchday. Click the link above to find out what procedures were looked at and acted out!

Our annual Live Match Assistant Referee Training took place at Stockport County in March where 9 qualified referees took the opportunity to gain experience as an assistant referee in a live match situation shadowed by experienced assistants. 

The first of three RA-FA Hub meetings took place with Manchester FA and The FA Referee Tutor Mike Sutcliffe discussing DOGSO with plenty of discussion and debate. 

With the season coming to a close, the 69th Annual General Meeting of Stockport Referees Society took place. Click above to find out who took home the awards and what else happened on the evening at Edgeley Park.

Take a look at what guests Stockport Referees Society have had over the past as well as advice and tips from each of the guests through the write ups every month. Simply click each of the headings of each month.

Kevin Friend attended Stockport Referees for the February meeting. It made our guests think about 'What they want to achieve' within Refereeing, and how they can get to their next level through THE GRIND. Click the link above to find out more about the evening.


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