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I have been a member of The Referees’ Association since my refereeing began in 1999. Being a member has so many different benefits; the opportunity to attend meetings with colleagues and learn from their experiences, a sounding board to ask questions of more experienced referees, the training sessions and guest speakers at branch meetings, not to mention the protection and legal assistance of the RA should it ever be needed. In my opinion, being a member of The Referees’ Association gives any referee a greater chance of success and enjoyment.
Michael Oliver, FIFA & Premier League Referee

National RA

Throughout my career The Referees’ Association has been a constant source of advice, guidance and support. Membership of The RA has been an essential part of my development and I struggle to see how any aspiring referee can achieve their goals without the support offered by The RA.
Howard Webb, FIFA World Cup Final Referee

The Referees' Association has been in existence for over 100 years supporting members throughout the country at all levels of the game.

The Association provides benefits such as insurance, incapacity benefits, legal advice, reduced prices on kit and equipment and many other adavntages, from the head office in Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire.

Local Associations and Societies like Stockport are the life blood of the RA, there are over 200 spread across England and usually hold meetings on a monthly basis.

Membership of the National RA and the insurance is included in your local Society fees.

The objectives of the RA

  • to operate as a not-for-profit membership organisation for football referees in which all operating surpluses are retained for the further development of the Association.
  • to provide an environment for companionship and personal refereeing development working in partnership with other members of the football family.
  • to recruit into membership registered and former registered referees and to retain their membership.
  • to operate through and support a network of County and Local Referees’ Associations and to provide guidance and support for their members.
  • to support and protect members from injustice and unfair treatment in matters related to refereeing.
  • to represent the interests of members to and on the controlling bodies of Association Football.
  • to ensure the provision of a Benevolent Fund to provide financial support for members and their dependants in need.
  • to ensure the provision of insurance for members whilst engaged in refereeing activities, including the activities of the Association.
  • to maintain a website to promote the Association and to publish news and information on refereeing.
  • to market and distribute refereeing supplies, publications and other merchandise.
  • to arrange meetings and conferences.
  • at the discretion of the Board, to recognise the formation of groups of members to develop specialist refereeing interests at national or regional level.