​September 2017 - George Cain

George Cain, who has many roles at the PGMOL including coach, took to the stage in September as the guest speaker. With no set agenda, he gave his knowledge and advice of what the guests wanted - what a great meeting it turned out to be. 

Some of the ideas that the members could think about as the meeting finished included:

  • Don't switch off when the ball is out of play - this is the moment when you tend to have to 'referee' the players.
  • For referees below Level 2A - ensure you ask for the players name when cautioning or sending off a player.
  • Rather than assuming that players are giving you dissent , listen to it. They may be giving you some valuable advice about a player, such as pulling shirts, pushing etc. Take it on board and say 'thank -you'. Players talking to you isn't always dissent.
  • As assistants, make sure you switch on to the referee when signalling.
  • Make sure you manage the free kick when the temperature of the game is high. Awarding smaller things, may stop bigger incidents happening in quick succession.

Many thanks to George for giving this valable meeting. Everyone would have learnt something from this event!

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